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Service Success Stories

Success Story: Block Imaging Parts & Service and Radiological Associates of Sacramento
Block Imaging Parts & Service Announces ISO Certification
Success Story: Genesis Diagnostic Center and Block Imaging Parts & Service

Actual Comments from Our Customers

"We love you guys!"


"I could not give you any ideas on how to improve as this was the best service experience we have had in a LONG time!!!"


"Very fast response time and resolution to the problem."


"Prompt service, excellent follow up. Very customer-focused."


"Genuinely concerned about customer service and making sure to give customers the best experience possible."


"Excellent response time, very personable."


“Excellent response time, great communication.”


“The engineer quickly solved our issue and returned at a different time to make sure functionality was at 100%. The service is high-caliber.”


“Fast response time, quick resolution to the problem.”


“Very prompt in returning phone calls, getting service to the site, and follow-up calls checking on the status- plus, suggestions for our facility so the problem doesn’t occur again!" 


“Excellent service as always.”


“They do whatever necessary for you to be satisfied with their service.”


“Very professional and well-informed of the system." 


“Courteous staff with excellent communication skills throughout the entire service call.”


“Great customer service, quick response time, excellent communication.”


“The service engineer did a great job with resolving our artifact issue in a timely manner.”


“Great communication, kind and knowledgeable service engineer, quick response, and ultimate resolution.”


“Excellent service. Returned my calls promptly, very professional, catered to my needs.”


“I can always count on Block Imaging to take care of it in a timely manner.”


“Great service, great communication, and great people to work with.”


“Always willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs.”


“Loved speaking to a real person when I called first. Had a direct line to speak to who I needed in order to get the issue resolved.” 


“Very pleasant to deal with. We feel very taken care of!”


“Always available, always professional, always excellent service.”


“The engineers are good about explaining why an issue happened. The engineers are also great at fixing an issue quickly. We have never questioned their expertise.”


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