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What response time can I expect when I place a service call with you?

Equipment failure doesn’t keep a 9-5 schedule. Because of this, Block Imaging offers a service line where you can reach one of our US-based reps twenty-four hours a day. We maintain a 30-minute or less phone response time, and a live Block Imaging representative will be available to support you with everything from troubleshooting to engineer dispatch. Block saves you downtime, frustration, and money with strategically-placed engineers, and our current response time average has an engineer at your facility four hours or less after you call.


I’m looking to get the most bang for the buck. What are some ways

I can save additional money?

Choosing Block Imaging to cover several (or all) of your imaging systems is a great way to pay less for the coverage on each of them. The more systems we serve for you, the more you will save. Buying equipment coverage across multiple years is also a win-win. We love keeping you up and running, and you’ll love paying less for each year.

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I have a lot of different pieces of imaging equipment that I manage. How can you help me keep track of everything?

Having your needs passed around from person to person is frustrating. At Block our aim is to offer our customers the best service experience possible by making it easy and worry-free. Each contract customer has one assigned representative that they can rely on for all of their service calls. In fact, we recently launched Service Window, our online customer portal, where you will be able to access digital copies of your field service reports, view your rep’s case notes in real time, track your equipment uptime, and contact your rep on their personal message board from any computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access.

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What’s a PM, and why do I need them?

The term “PM” is an abbreviation that stands for preventative maintenance. You can think of it like an oil change on your vehicle. During a PM our engineer proactively cleans, calibrates, and tests your equipment on a regular schedule to ensure it is meeting OEM performance standards. The result is less downtime and an overall better functioning unit. Need to schedule a PM? Describe your PM request here. 

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I noticed that you are located in Holt, Michigan. Do you service imaging equipment outside of the Midwest?

Yes, our service agreements include access to our network of engineers across the United States. Block’s in-network engineers are pre-approved and specifically trained on your equipment to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


What’s really covered under a full service plan?

At Block Imaging when we talk about full service, we’re talking about coverage for parts, labor and travel. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, our service agreements include access to our in-house inventory of over 25,000 fully-tested replacement parts. At our 120,000 sq ft facility we stock pre-tested parts in-house so we can pack and ship what you need, and all domestic parts ship with priority overnight delivery to ensure you are scanning again as quickly as possible. With full service, all labor hours required to resolve your equipment problem are also covered as well as travel so that gas, lodging, hours behind the wheel- all the expenses involved in supporting an engineer on the road are included in an agreement’s regular payments. We are so confident in our service that we guarantee 98% uptime for every full service agreement and choosing Block Imaging’s optional 24/7 coverage hours allows for even faster repairs without the added expense of engineer overtime. We keep your system up and running with highly-qualified engineers, fully-tested replacement parts, and regular maintenance so that you can have total piece of mind knowing any travel, labor and parts costs are completely covered.

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