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Critical Component Coverage

Looking for a better balance of cost and coverage?

A Critical Component plan reduces your risk with the pro-active protection of regular preventative maintenance while reducing your costs by covering only the most crucial and costly elements of your system. Tubes, detectors, coils, image intensifiers - whatever makes your system tick is protected with your monthly payment while the rest is paid only as needed.

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  • Parts, Labor, and Travel- A Critical Component plan covers not only the cost of your major components, but also the labor and travel costs associated with installing replacements.
  • Coverage Area- Block Imaging can service equipment anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Engineering Network- We use qualified engineers across the country to minimize travel time and maximize uptime.
  • Modalities We Cover- Block Imaging services all modalities. MRI, CT, rad room, R/Froom, C-arm, cath/angio lab, mammography, portable X-ray, ultrasound, bone density, nuclear cameras, PET, PET/CT, stereotactic tables, and others.
  • Overnight Parts- All of our replacement parts are shipped overnight to get them in the engineer's hands faster so repairs can be made sooner.
  • Preventative Maintenance- Visits are scheduled regularly (frequency varies by modality) to keep your system running efficiently and resolve emerging issues before they damage components or put your equipment down hard.
  • After-Hours Service (Upgrade)- This optional upgrade offers access to engineer service after 5PM Monday through Friday and on weekends.